instantInfo e-brochures

Our e-brochure service, instantInfo, combines everything prospective students love about the web: it’s simple to use, it’s personalized, and it’s immediate.
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Quick Overview

instantInfo is a web-based e-brochure template that will give your college the convenience, ease of use, E-brochures save moneyand “green” option of an e-brochure at a reasonable cost.

It consists of three components:

  1. A web page form that prospective students fill out
  2. The administrative function that creates the e-brochures
  3. A reporting function that gathers contact information from inquiries

InstantInfo buttonWeb Page Form

Prospective students click an e-brochure link on your college website that takes them to a simple form where they pick the programs, activities, and financial aid information they are interested in learning more about.

They then fill out a contact information form and an e-brochure containing all the information they’ve requested, plus general information about your college, is created on the spot.

The e-brochure also incorporates live links that direct inquiries back to your website or enables them to email your college, specific departments, or even individual faculty members. Prospects can open the e-brochure immediately from a link in their web-browser; this link is also emailed to them.

Administrative Function

This is the “backbone” of instantInfo. It is the underlying computer program which you populate with your college’s information, photos, and branding elements to create the e-brochures. Once populated, it is easy to edit, add, or delete any element of the e-brochure. If you can upload a photo to Facebook and copy and paste text, you can populate and edit instantInfo —it really is that easy!instantInfo ebrochure-Admin-Screens

Since the administrative function is web-based, all you need to use it is a computer and internet access  – you do not need to download or install anything onto your computer. And because it’s template-based, it is easier – and cheaper – to create, yet you are still able to create a custom look for your college that follows your college’s brand, from the colors and heading fonts used to the photos and degree sheets or advising guides that can be included.

The administrative function is hosted on a secure, monitored Cloud server – you can be assured that your college’s information, and that of your inquiries, is safe and that your e-brochure will remain functioning.

Finally, if your in-house resources are limited, CLARUS can input the initial information for you, for an additional fee.

compatible with ExcelReporting Function

You can decide what information to request or require from prospective students on the Contact Information form. All of the information collected is gathered into an Excel spreadsheet that you can access at any time through the administrative function. This can include names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, and demographic information as well as which programs, services, and financial aid information each individual inquiry requested.

This will allow easy follow up for your recruiters and can help you track inquiry- to-enrollment numbers. In addition, each quarter CLARUS Corporation will pull together the demographic information and programs requested in an easy-to-read graphic report and send it to you, along with a comparison of demographic information from all colleges using instantInfo . No information on specific inquiries – such as names or addresses – is included in these reports, and all demographic information is reported as a group.

This will allow you to easily see who – demographically – is downloading the e-brochures, what the most popular programs are, and even the date and time at which most e-brochures are generated – so you know who is looking at your college, what they are looking for, and even when they are looking.